A personal journey with EVE Online
Finding EVE – Journey continues 2
Finding EVE – Journey continues 2

Finding EVE – Journey continues 2

[Screen capture of a Heron spacecraft approaching a Stone Relic site in EVE Online.]

[Orginally posted 16 February, 2022]

Lost my first ship!! 🙁 Fully kitted out Heron (combat and core probes, launcher, data and relic analysers, combat drones, decent afterburner, and few other things I’ve forgotten) stupid mistake. Scanned down a pirate data site that was effectively live and guarded (Serpentis bunker in amongst the data modules). Wondered if I could hack and run before anything approached as no locally active ships, but then red dots before I could actually scan and try to hack a data core (yup relic sites and data sites require you to hack in a sort of minigame to break them open). Didn’t even have a look at what type the attacking ships were just reacted to the red dots realising I needed to scram…but despite my drones being active, not able to escape fast enough and very quickly obliterated. Oh well. Lesson learnt. Podded out and then home.

Should have bookmarked the location after scanning it down, left it alone and come back with something designed for combat cleaned the site out of active NPCs and then return with my exploration ship.

[Screen capture of a Venture spaceship using mining lasers to mine an asteroid in EVE Online ]

Just need to decide if I’m going to try for a Heron or similar again… and wondering if a co-vert ops able vessel would have been able to do that undetected, but any covert ops capable vessels are to my knowledge only available for Omega accounts and I’m playing on the free Alpha one.

[Update 14 February 2023] Soon after this, I discovered that the names of the sites indicate something of what to expect and whether they are guarded by NPCs or not. Will explain in another post. I’ve also lost a few other ships, since then to NPCs as well as other players.

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